DIY Calligraphy

One more wedding post and then I’m done I promise.

Even though we are only inviting 16 people to our wedding, Kyle and I still wanted nice invitations to send out to our parents and grandparents.  I ordered some online and just got them in a week ago.  Now comes the hard part… addressing them.

I guess I forgot that most wedding invitations are hand addressed with calligraphy or some other lovely handwriting.  Since we only have a few invitations to send out, I figured it wouldn’t be expensive to have someone in Indianapolis hand address them for us…

But, after googling and asking around, I couldn’t find any good calligraphers in Indy!  All the ones I checked out had a minimum of $100 or 50 envelopes or something like that.  Boo.

My friend Brian (husband to Tara at ; if you haven’t read her blog you totally should- she’s the best!) suggested printing out the envelopes with a very light colored ink and then tracing over them.  Kyle and I tried and tried to format our printed to get the addresses just right on the envelopes, but alas, no luck.

So, I googled “DIY calligraphy” and decided to just do it myself!

After messing around a little bit, I found some tricks to do it myself and I don’t think the envelopes look too bad!  Not perfect, but they will do!  And the best part is, they are free!!

I found this website to be the most helpful.  She goes into detail about different types of calligraphy, how to “cheat” and what pens to use.


I practiced a little using her techniques to see how I would do:

photo 1


That was my first go at it.  Not perfect, but I started to get the hang of it.  This was also with a pen that wasn’t the best.  So I went to CVS and bought the suggested “cheater” calligraphy pens.  I used the pilot G2 0.5mm and 0.38mm.

First, I had to select a font I liked.  The website I was reading suggested porcelain as a good calligraphy font.  My microsoft word doesn’t have “porcelain” but I found a website that will show your text in the font without you having to download the font to your computer.

Here’s the website

Then I typed in my address and got to work tracing it out on an envelope.

I made sure to measure the envelope and draw little guide-lines to help.



After tracing out all the letters, I went back in and darkened the “down-strokes” to make it look like it had been done with a calligraphy pen!  See- it’s cheating!!



I know they don’t look as professional as they would if I paid $100 for someone to do them, but I think they turned out okay!

And I think you can do it too!!!

Have you ever experimented with calligraphy?  

Do you know how to use a calligraphy pen?  

Do you think I can put my calligraphy experience on my CV to highlight my manual dexterity?  (kidding) ;-) 

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