Eat, Sleep, Eat Some More… My Life This Month

These night shifts are killing me!  All week I’m either working from 6pm-3am or 5pm-2am.  Yesterday I tried my hardest to sleep in after getting home around 3 but I couldn’t stay asleep past 9am so I just got up and made pancakes.  Pancakes make everything better.  I mixed 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder with a smashed banana, a slash of egg whites, 1 tbs almond meal, and 1 tbs coconut flour.  They were the bomb.


Coconut flour is my new favorite ingredient.  I don’t know how I went so long without using it in the kitchen.  It has a great, slightly sweet flavor, thickens up anything really well, and is super nutritious.  If you’ve been holding off from buying it because it’s expensive (that’s what I was doing), try ordering it from  I got it for $5!

Today, I am so grateful I didn’t wake up until 12:30.  Yay for an 8 hour rest!!

I wish I was one of those people who don’t need sleep, but I truly cannot function without at least 8 hours.  Kyle and I read that 3% of people can go with less than 5 hours of sleep a night and don’t feel tired or worn down.  Man I wish I was one of those people!!!!!  How productive would you be!?!?  Sleep is a huge priority for me.  I rarely stay up late studying and seriously never stay out late on weekends.

Now that I’m on this weird schedule for emergency medicine, I’m just focusing on getting 8 hours and then fitting in everything else when I can! The one thing that’s going to be hard for me this month is eating on a normal schedule.  When you stay up late, it’s hard not to eat more than usual.  Yesterday when I work up at 9am I wanted breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also another meal because I was up until almost 4am.  Yikes!

As usual, I pack my lunch/dinner when I go to the hospital.  Bringing your own food is the BEST option when you want to make healthy decisions at work.  If I didn’t pack dinner I would hit up the cafeteria late at night, starving, and buy chicken fingers and a cookie.

The night before last I brought shredded salsa chicken (put chicken breasts in a crockpot with 1 can of salsa and 1 packet of taco seasoning and cook for 5 hours, then shred it- BEST CHICKEN EVER.  You will thank me later) and lettuce to wrap it up in!



Last night, I brought steak and sautéed cabbage and onions.  (Also had an apple and peanut butter on the side :-) )


It’s also hard to have a normal exercise routine when you work nights.  I hit the gym on Tuesday for a 1 hour and 10 minute spin class (again from youtube!) but I didn’t workout yesterday because I was trying to nap before I went in to work!  Today I should be able to have a good workout since I slept in, but I can already see what a struggle it would be for people with an abnormal schedule all the time.

Spin class workouts on youtube!!

Spin class workouts on youtube!!

In other news not related to sleeping or eating, I took all your suggestions and bought some Bare Minerals makeup!  I saw this starter pack that included powder, concealer, bronzer, primer, “mineral veil” or a setting powder, and 3 nice brushes for only $75 so I treated myself to it!  I also got a lip gloss that’s really pretty and makes me feel fancy ;-)


Thanks for all your advice!

Have you ever worked a night shift? 

Do you eat more if you stay up late? 

Do you fit in workouts when your schedule is wacky? 

10 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Eat Some More… My Life This Month

  1. Hey Andrea,

    I am working in the ER and this month I am on night shifts! I have had to totally change my eating schedule, so I am not eating the entire shift! The trap in the ER is that staff are always bringing in tempting goodies, and I often feel like I need to eat to survive. I must have breakfast, so even if I wake up at noon that is how I start my day. I then have an early afternoon snack. Prior to going into my shift, I make a green smoothie with protein and have noticed that it really helps curb my hunger. I then have my dinner around 11-midnight. My shift ends at 4am, so I try to focus on drinking more water and black coffee (I am addicted) and make it home with no problems. I have actually noticed that since I have started eating like this, I am eating less and still feel full! I hope this helps! Enjoy the rest of your ER rotation :)

  2. I have a hard time sleeping more than 3 hours after night shift as well, and I work 7p-7am. What helps is melatonin or if I’m desperate, a Benadryl. If I don’t have to go back to work I don’t worry about it as much and simply go to bed early that night. Have fun in the ER! :)

  3. I worked overnights (7p-7a) most of last year and it was definitely rough! I tried to bring my own “lunch” but inevitably I would get hungry right around 3-4 am and would sometimes eat chips or cookies. Good luck getting through this week! I’m going to try the crockpot chicken with lettuce instead of my usual corn tortillas – good idea!
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