Updates from the Emergency Room

I’m feeling much better this morning, but this rotation makes me so sleepy!  On Thursday I worked until 3am.  I had to be in lab at 8am on Friday because my research project from last month still requires me to come in once a week.  I left the lab around 12:30 and had to be back in the hospital at 3pm-midnight Friday night.

I was tired.

This is me in lab Friday morning being tired..

This is me in lab Friday morning being tired..

Luckily, I had yesterday off and so I was able to go to bed at 8pm.  I want all the sleep.  

I’ve noticed that even though I’m tired, I don’t notice it at all when I’m at the hospital.  If I’m busy seeing patients, I feel energized and happy to be there.  I actually stayed about 45 minutes after midnight on Saturday because I had a patient come in REALLY sick and I was so worried I didn’t want to go home!

I guess that’s a good thing? If the hospital is slow and I’m not doing anything, then I get really tired.  But as long as I’m seeing patients, I’m good to go!

When I came back in on Saturday I immediately went to see what happened with my sick patient from Friday night.  I had felt so terrible leaving them, I wanted to go back and say hello.  This patient was now in the ICU so I snuck in to see how they were doing.  That’s when I realized that Emergency Medicine isn’t for me.  I couldn’t let go of that patient.  I wanted to keep following their progress.  It would be difficult for me to never know what happens to the people I see in the ER for a few hours.  Did they do okay?  Did I help?  Was my plan the right one?

I’m just not cut out for it!  Good thing I’m doing ophthalmology :-)


I’ve also been doing okay with eating on a somewhat regular schedule.  I normally just pack one big meal to eat in the middle of my shift and that works for me as long as I’ve eaten right before I get to the hospital at the start of my shift.  

I grabbed a Quest bar the other day because I was in a hurry.  The new cookies and cream flavor is gooooood.


I’ve mentioned before that I shouldn’t buy bars and it’s true.  I could eat 3 of these without even thinking about it!  They’re like candy!

As for workouts, I managed to get in 3 good workouts during the week, but I didn’t do anything on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday (too lazy sleepy).  Because yesterday was my day off, I decided to do a full 2 hour workout and count it as 2 workouts.  That way I can say I did 5 days last week.  I can do that right?


I started with 45 minutes on the stairs.  45 minutes is A LOT for me on those things.  I used to only last for 20 minutes.  Watching Nashville on my phone makes it easier ;-)

Then I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes but my knees didn’t feel awesome so I got off and switched to the elliptical.

I finished my workout with some time on the spin bike.  Does anyone else think that using the pedal to stretch your calves feels so amazing?



After a few minutes of abs I went to sit in the sauna.  It’s my favorite place in the gym I think.



Now I’m back to work!  Luckily I have Wednesday off this week; it’s going to be the best day ever because my mom is coming up and my wedding dress is in!  We are going to have our first fitting and I am sooooo excited!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!



10 thoughts on “Updates from the Emergency Room

  1. You are exactly the kind of doctor I would want! That patient was so lucky to have you. I am sure they knew you genuinely cared.
    Good job getting the workouts in. If I’m stressed or off my normal schedule, my workouts are usually the first thing to go. That’s bad, I know. That’s amazing that you went 45 minutes on the stepper. Anything over 15 is killer.
    And the new quest bar flavor….YES! So good! I love the cookie bits!

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