My Patients Must Hate Me…

Have I mentioned I love working in the emergency room?

I am seriously having a ball this month!


I think I just really missed seeing patients.  Before this rotation started, I hadn’t seen a patient since SEPTEMBER!!  Eeek!!  I took time off for interviews and then did research in January, so I was pretty rusty when I started back in February.

But I just love love love it, and it makes me so excited to officially be a resident.  I had a patient ask if I was a nurse the other day and I said, “No, physician.”  I quickly caught myself and said, “well, almost physician.  I’m a 4th year medical student.”  It’s so crazy to think that in less than 3 months I will be an M.D.

I only have 5 more shifts in the ED this month so I am making the most of it!  Yesterday we were crazy crazy busy.  We had so many patients we were seeing people out in the hall because we were out of rooms!  Generally when a patient has been taken to a room and seen by a nurse, the computer will light up with a green “MD Eval” box meaning it’s time for the doctor (or med student or residency) to come see them.  Before the MD Eval box is up, the patient is a “WTBS” or waiting to be seen.  That means they haven’t been seen by anyone yet.

This was our WTBS list yesterday:  (LOS means Length Of Stay)

That’s long.  That’s a lot of patients waiting.  Some waiting over 2 hours!!! Yikes!  Don’t come to the ER on a Monday unless you have to.

I walked into the rooms all happy saying “helloooooo!!!!!” and I thought some of my patients hated me.  Don’t worry, I got them to like me by the end of the interview ;-)  (Actually I’m kidding.. I’ve learned to tone down my positive energy because if I was sick I would hate someone like me!)



We had a simulation workshop this morning (more on that tomorrow) and now I’m going to catch a quick nap before work at 1pm.  Have a wonderful day friends!!

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