A Day In Pictures

Just a few words per picture here today:



I really like this gym bag, but it squeaks when I carry it!!  Any good gym bag recommendations?

Going to the gym and getting ready before night call is the best ever!  I love that I get all day to relax and nap, then I can do an evening workout, and then I go to work feeling great!



The hospital at twilight:



I picked up some candies when I stopped for coffee.  That caramel was GOOD.




Oatmeal from the hospital cafeteria after a night on call.   I added blueberries, shredded coconut, and cinnamon- it was almost as good as oatmeal from home!




After a night on call I had the day off.  Kyle rode his bike and I ran downtown and we stopped for a juice.



The hospital on a sunny day:



Have a great day friends!!

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